June Updates

Hello again. I hope you are well and active in your gardens and/or allotments. This month has seen heatwaves in the UK not experienced since 1976 and no rain (at least where I live) for many weeks. Soil is compacted, seeds cannot be sown and work is slow. Are there any positives? Greenhouse crops have enjoyed the 33°c temperatures (with adequate ventilation and water), so have the fruit trees and outdoor tomatoes. Cherries ripening three weeks earlier than last year and blackcurrants ready right now. Such mixed fortunes have me puzzled. Let us look at June 2017 as a rare and splendid month (in the garden at least).

I grown potted herbs. Many people do. My specimens were old and unkempt and decided to stop. Honestly, they gave up months ago: no fresh growth told me everything I needed to know. So it is with pleasure that I have three new plants to replace the relics…

Purple sage

Rosemary prostratus

Thyme ‘Archer’s Gold’

How can a kitchen exist without herbs? Mine would be a flavourless and uninteresting no-go zone. There is room for basil and coriander too.


Arran Victory potatoes. Late cropper and worth the wait. Purple skin, ivory flesh.

Blackberry Oregon Thornless. Big crops and good berry flavours.

Pears! I don’t know the varietal name. If anyone can tell me, leave a comment. The fruit has lightly russeted skin with a red flush. Very juicy.

Stella cherries. Delicious. Very early this year.

At home, the lobelia has come along brilliantly in just a few weeks. The first photo isfrom June 1st…

And this one is from 27th…

Towards the end of June the weather changed from scorching to sodden in around two days from the 26th. I was delighted really because watering everything on the plot was p*****g me off. Bonus number two was the rapid growth encouraged by the warm rains…

The greenhouse tomatoes are not setting frut. I am concerned by this: no flowers equals no fruit.

The yellow flowers do nothing. Some fall off. Hand pollination has helped so it must continue.

Carolina Reaper. This years hottest chili pepper. Having grown the Ghost pepper before, I’m almost timid around this plant.

Thank you for reading June updates. If you’ve enjoyed this post (and if you didn’t) please leave a comment. See you again next month.


2 thoughts on “June Updates

  1. I had a similar problem with ghouse toms last year. Have to treat em mean to keep em keen, if you slacken off the watering a bit, the plant thinks it’s dying and goes into a fit of flowering to send it’s genes on to the next generation. Don’t actually kill em tho…!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Happy to report that the Brandywine toms have finally set on. Gigantomo, Mortgage Lifter and the outdoor types are still reluctant but they will get there. You’re right about the watering: last August saw my Outdoor Girl toms crop like crazy: they got water once a week (and if it rained). Huge yields.


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