About Growing on the Glebe

I took on my first allotment in October 2002 after years spent watching every River Cottage episode there was. Getting started was a shock to the system: all that digging on a plot that had been derelict for two years. That first plot was always a weedy and hard to work experience, but the joy of harvesting my own fruit & vegetables… well, you know the thing. Eventually a plot became vacant (this time with a greenhouse and fruit trees) and I took it on: better soil, better crops, better everything.

I look forward to the seasons as eagerly as I do the harvest time. Learning should be a lifetime activity: when you think you know it all, it’s time to start again – you’ve missed something! Every year brings new experiences and I would have no other way.

Keep on digging…

Glebe is a term appertaining to church owned land, amongst other things. We have no local authority protection or statutory rights for our allotments.